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ART Overlanders was founded by Tim van Bebber and Martijn Nieuwlands. Both are very skilled and unconventional when it comes to executing projects in every form or shape. The first meeting between them took place when a jeep needed to be prepared for the Amsterdam-Dakar Challenge in 2011. After a few jeeps and race BMWs, the first 4x4 truck was purchased in 2015 with the goal of turning it into an expedition truck.

After a little over a year, it was completed and Martijn embarked on a journey through Europe and North Africa. After three more overland projects, it became clear that there was a demand for a larger Overlander with a different character than the typical campers. After finding a suitable Scania, the build began. In just under a year, the truck was transformed into a modern, sleek and elegant Overlander equipped with every convenience.

Their newest project is in the final stages now. This time, it is a 4x4 Mercedes SK 2031. In this distinctive Dutch design, the layout is not only practical and functional, but above all, aesthetic, sleek and modern. They are now seven years into this business with ample personal experience building these projects, as well as using and testing these trucks themselves. In addition, they have spent this time forming a unique team of professionals who work together to deliver extraordinary overlanders.

Tim van Bebber & Martijn Nieuwlands

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Our mission is to exceed the customer's expectations, with creative and innovative solutions,and bring magic to each step of the conversion process. If you are looking for luxury and durability, we are eager to deliver exceptional results. In short: ART Overlanders will turn your truck into the ultimate home on wheels.

We are set to change the look on mobile homes while creating a strong business out of it. We wish to give our clients an exclusive custom design, and build Overlanders that are sustainable and durable. Needless to say, we use state of the art materials, appliances and suppliers with the same high standards. By incorporating the latest technology, we ensure your home on wheels will be cutting-edge as well as visually stunning.

Using top-notch materials, working as a tight team, dedication to both exclusive design and our clients' wishes are key values at ART Overlanders. By maintaining these values and our high standards, we aim to build long term relationships with suppliers and clients.

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At ART Overlanders we believe in turning the impossible into possible. We understand the drive to start your adventure and create your own perfect conversion. That is why ART Overlanders also provides RV Boxes.

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